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How To Cultivate Mindfulness In Your Morning Self Care Routine

  “Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” Buddha For those with busy lifestyles or high-stress jobs, you may find that there are times throughout the day when you’re feeling disconnected from the present moment or like your losing connection with yourself. Creating space in your life for a relaxed and mindful morning will always set the tone for your day to be more satisfying and well-balanced. Cultivating mindfulness in the mornings is essential to helping you reconnect with your highest self and calm the mind and body throughout the day.MINDFULNESS AS A WAY OF LIFEMindfulness is the practice of being conscious of how your life feels in the present moment, and accepting...

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Note to self

Be patient with yourself. You are healing. Healing in all it’s forms is a process and patience can be a struggle. Be gentle with yourself and mindful of your thoughts. Lean into the process and find the beauty in your wellness journey. You can’t rush your healing process that only brings a sense of overwhelming stress and delays your progress. Slow down, listen to your body. You are still breaking and rebuilding, give yourself space and time for healing, grow through it. Healing takes time. There will be moments when you’ll be triggered and may even repeat unhealthy patterns that you’ve been working so hard to change. Try not to personalize it, this moment doesn’t define who you are, shift...

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“Self-care” a concept

The concept of self-care is exactly how it sounds, caring for yourself. Mindful self-care is doing the inner work to create a deep, self-nurturing intimacy that can only come from knowing yourself.  Cultivating mindful self-care starts slow and it takes practice, rest and reflection.  It’s believing in the ability to grow and change. It’s being mindful to how your life feels and setting boundaries that make you feel safe and empowered. It’s redefining your self-love language and elevating your self talk to design a life you don’t need to escape. Give yourself permission to feel, discover, learn, forgive and accept all the pieces of who you are with gentleness and love. Make space to go deeper and indulge in the...

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