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How To Cultivate Mindfulness In Your Morning Self Care Routine

April 15, 2021 4 min read


“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” Buddha

For those with busy lifestyles or high-stress jobs, you may find that there are times throughout the day when you’re feeling disconnected from the present moment or like your losing connection with yourself. Creating space in your life for a relaxed and mindful morning will always set the tone for your day to be more satisfying and well-balanced. Cultivating mindfulness in the mornings is essential to helping you reconnect with your highest self and calm the mind and body throughout the day.


Mindfulness is the practice of being conscious of how your life feels in the present moment, and accepting it without interpretation or judgement. When you practice mindfulness you combine your breathe and awareness as a tool to communicate with your mind and body. You become more thoughtful and intentional in the way you care for and nourish yourself and others.

Cultivating mindfulness in your morning self-care routines is giving yourself permission to slow down and discover what it is you may need to maintain wellness throughout the day. This article offers some suggestions and insights into a few different ways to practice mindfulness during your morning self-care routine.


When you are grounded you feel centered, supported, less tense and less stressed. Schedule a few minutes every morning to ground your body and indulge in a moment of mindful self-care before you get up to start your day. Retreat to a dedicated sacred space in your room or simply sit on the side of your bed with your feet planted firmly to the ground (my fav!). Maybe keep your favorite aromatic candle or aromatherapy mist bedside and this will make it easy for you to create a calm and nurturing atmosphere when you first wake up. Light a candle to infuse your space with it’s aromatherapeutic benefits. Take an energetic shower by using your favorite aroma mist. Inhale deeply and allow the aromas to awaken your senses.

Bring your awareness to your breath. Take it slow, inhale and exhale until you are in flow with your natural breath pattern. Give yourself permission to anchor in the present moment, to get in touch with who you are. Take notice of how you feel in this present moment. It is time to rise and get ready for the day.

Remember when practicing mindfulness it’s totally fine if your thoughts wander, or if your mind brings forward thoughts of all the things you have ‘To Do’ for the day. Let those thoughts pass through your awareness. Gently, shift your focus back to your breath and presence. You’ll come back to yourself.


Fusing mindfulness into your morning skincare ritual takes a more slowed and thoughtful approach to nourishing your skin. Elevate your skincare regimen by choosing products with natural ingredients that are nourishing and balancing for the skin and mind. The most essential benefit of mindful skincare is that it will increase your self-love and help you feel more calm and rejuvenated throughout the day.

First, bring your awareness to your breath and take a deep relaxing breath while looking at yourself in the mirror. Start your skincare ritual with a hydrating aroma mist to help awaken your senses. Take it slow and be intentional, to find clarity and purpose. Now bring your awareness to your skin. Let your self be aware of anything you notice without interpretation or judgement. Give yourself permission to accept yourself in the here and now. Take notice of your skin and decide what type of nourishment it will need for the day.

Gently, apply each product step-by-step allowing the ingredients to absorb into the skin before moving on to the next step. Be mindful when applying each product to your skin, by taking a moment to appreciate it’s texture and the way it feels on your skin, enjoy the mind balancing aromas and all of the skin nourishing benefits.

Take a moment to appreciate how you feel when you take the time to care for yourself. It is time to feed and nourish yourself for the morning.


Mindful eating is a more conscious way to maintain well-being and to restore strength. By eating mindfully in the morning you will improve your digestion and boost your mood.

First, tune in to your body to discover what your body will need to fuel you forward for the day ahead. Some things to pay attention to are your energy and hunger levels. Next, choose foods that will add value to your body and overall health goals. If you’re not hungry maybe have a nutrient-rich juice or glass of crystal-infused water to energize your body.

When your eating take a moment to express gratitude and appreciate your food. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. Take small bites and sips, indulge in the taste and aromas. As the food moves through your body, think on all the benefits you’re receiving from the healthy ingredients you’re consuming.

Give yourself space in between each mouthful to breathe and enjoy your this mindful moment and meal.


Curating a playlist of relaxing sounds will help you to reconnect with your body and mind. For those who prefer listening to background music when practicing self-care, this is a simple way to shift your mood and cultivate a more mindful morning self-care routine.

Start by taking a moment to ground to the here and now. Take it slow, inhale gently through your nose and exhale deeply through your mouth. Bring your awareness to your breath and presence. Focus on listening.

Take notice of how your body and mind feel when you listen to music in a more meaningful way.

I hope you find these tips helpful for cultivating more mindfulness in your everyday life. Be sure to visit Atmosphere Threesixty for self-care tools to help you reconnect to yourself, elevate your space and empower your journey in wellness. 

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