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Our order processing time is between 1-3 business days. We are based in Northern New Jersey and ship using USPS/UPS . For US orders, depending on which shipping option you choose at checkout, your package will take anywhere between 2-8 days to arrive from the time we ship.

As of now, we only ship to the US and Canada. For international orders, depending on which shipping option you choose at checkout, your package will take anywhere between 6 days - 3 weeks to arrive from the time we ship. Please note we are not responsible for any customs charges that may be incurred. 


Due to the nature of natural and handmade products, we do not accept any returns once a product has been shipped. We want to ensure our customers that the products they have received are fresh, unused and untouched by another customer!  If you have received the incorrect product or wrong order, please email hello@atmospherethreesixty.com and we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us must be in the same condition that you received it, unused and in its original packaging. 


You can find the ingredients of each product under the tab ‘Ingredients’ by visiting the specific product page. Atmosphere Threesixty products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. No parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

Aromatherapy Mists have a shelf life expectancy of 18 months when properly store out of direct sunlight or in the refrigerator. Aromatic Candles are best used for optimal fragrance within 3 months of purchase and are best used within 1 year of purchase.

Crystal Care

Crystal stones are precious gifts from the womb of Mother Earth, they can be used as a companion tool to energetically align and empower yourself to manifest intention. These earthen vessels contain subtle, powerful energetic frequencies to absorb transform, direct, heal or soothe energy. The complementary crystal stones in your Crystal Duo Set arrive cleansed, reiki-infused for energetic balance and ready for programming. However, it is important to have a crystal care regimen to purify and honor your crystal companions.

No. 1 Cleanse — submerge your crystal in a clear glass container filled with water or rinse with running water in the palm of your
hand - visualize the water washing away energetic attachments. Tip: Selenite crystal is an extremely delicate, self cleansing crystal and cannot withstand water in any form or it will dissolve!

No. 2 Rebalance — the energetic frequency of Black Tourmaline crystal stone can be energetically restored by placing the stone
directly on the Earth’s soil or in direct sunlight for at least 3-4 hours after cleansing. Tip: To boost the energy of your Selenite crystal stone, place it on a window sill to harness the energy of the radiant illuminating moonlight!

No. 3 Programming — holding your crystal in your palm, visualize and affirm your intention for it’s desired purpose, take a moment of gratitude to appreciate your new companion.

*Please note that crystal stones are a natural and will slightly vary in size and shape.

Vessel Care

There are many ways to recycle or repurpose our glass vessels for ongoing enjoyment. These vessels are great for fresh flowers, herb plant pots or bulbs, hummingbird feeders or collecting like items for your sacred space (crystals or incense) ... the possibilities are endless!

For candle vessels, carefully remove the Clear Quartz crystal and wipe off any wax residue with a gentle cloth. Then remove the leftover wax using a sharp knife to gently break up and lift out the remaining wax and remove the wick holder. Lastly, fill the container with soap and hot water, let it sit for a minute to soften any wax residue, rinse and wipe the inside clean.

For mist vessels, simply remove the atomizer from your glass bottle, spray the remaining elixir in the atomizer chamber onto a paper towel until empty, rinse both pieces with hot water. Lay your atomizer on a clean paper towel to air dry. Then fill the bottle with soap and hot water, let it sit for a minute to remove any essential oil residue, rinse and air dry.

Wellness Programs

We'd love to hear from you! Mahasin Phillips hosts events, workshops, group masterclasses, and corporate + wellness retreats, as well as private energy healing sessions. You may contact us for more information about our wellness programs, or if you are interested in a bespoke workshop with us.