CLEANSE Wellness Candle
CLEANSE Wellness Candle
CLEANSE Wellness Candle

CLEANSE Wellness Candle

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Let our CLEANSE aromatic candle be a tool for purifying the atmosphere, restoring your strength to make space for more mindfulness and beauty in your every day life.

A delightful, fresh and floral blend of all-natural white Sage and lavender to revive and raise the vibration in your space.

Top note: Lavender

Middle note: White Sage

Base note: Cedarwood

Hand poured, luxurious aromatic soy candle is made small batch. This candle is infused with natural essential oils and a reiki-attuned clear quartz point, designed to help you (re)connect to yourself and amplify divine intention.

Size: 8 oz

How To Use: Light our CLEANSE candle during your sacred rituals or throughout the day for more conscious living. Our simple and intentional, white minimalist candle symbolizes new beginnings and complements any decor style.

Ingredient List: Virgin coconut soy wax blend, proprietary essential oil blend, crackling wood wick, quartz crystal gemstone, reusable glass vessel. CLEANSE aromatic candle is non-toxic, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free and pet friendly. No parabens, phthalates or sulfates.

This hand crafted, aromatic candle arrives in a eco-friendly, sustainable packaging with an affirmation card and guide of simple every day wellness rituals.

Candle safety guidelines:

  • Trim wick 1/4” prior to each use.
  • Burn no more than four hours at a time and within sight.
  • Do not handle vessel while lit, allow to cool to avoid injury.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended - keep away from children and things that catch fire
  • Stop burning when 1/2" unmelted wax remains