CLEANSE | Aromatic Healing Candle

CLEANSE | Aromatic Healing Candle

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Purify your space with CLEANSE to cultivate a positive vibe and sense of inner peace. Embrace the fresh, soothing aromatic fusion of White Sage + Lavender to energetically cleanse the energy in the atmosphere and make space for the new.

Our consciously hand-poured, aromatic candles bring about a sense of comfort + well being. Atmosphere Threesixty aromatic candles are tools of refined beauty, simplicity and comfort, perfect for daily self-care rituals. 

Atmosphere Threesixty uses the finest natural ingredients and is made in small batches every new moon + full moon. Each crackling wood wick, aromatic candle is enhanced with a clear quartz crystal point for amplifying healing energy and positive intention. Our aromatic candles are a balanced blend of eco-luxe virgin soy wax, fine fragrance oils and pure essential oils.  

White Sage


100% Virgin Soy Wax

Vegan and phthalate-free.


Find comfort in 50-55 hours of Atmosphere Threesixty CLEANSE aromatic candle, packaged in a reusable 8oz glass vessel. For vessel care and rituals please refer to ‘The Guide’ booklet included with your package.