Clarity + Connection | Crystals and Stones Set

Clarity + Connection | Crystals and Stones Set

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Set the intention for you and your day with the Clarity + Connection Crystals and Stones set from our Essentials Collection.  

A high vibrational, curated collection of essential healing crystals and stones to empower your wellness journey, inspire your intentions and elevate your every day living.  

Carry your palm sized crystals with you daily, to cultivate a more personal connection with your stones and amplify divine intention.

Complementing mis of reiki-infused crystals and stones in a cotton muslin pouch includes:

  • Howlite for mindfulness and inner peace. Chakra: Crown
  • Pyrite for aura protection and inner strength. Chakra: Solar Plexus
  • Green Aventurine for emotional balance and divine femininity. Chakra: Heart
  • Carnelian Agate for self-confidence and focus. Chakra: Sacral
  • Crystals and stones description card. 

Each piece is a hand-selected selected mix of natural, raw (unpolished) and tumbled (polished) minerals and crystal gems.